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Welcome to Private Joke!

This is a community designed for its members to socialise, discuss and, most importantly, to enjoy themselves! You do not have to have specific interests to be able to join this community; this is a community for you to share with us your interests, your thoughts, your feelings and vice versa!

Things to bear in mind:

1. Racism, sexism, or any other form of discrimination, will not be tolerated here, and may lead to exclusion.
2. Porn is not acceptable here. Even if porn does happen to be an interest of yours, I'm sure I speak on behalf of us all when I say we'd rather you didn't share it with us. Thanks.
3. Please try to keep swear words to a minimum.
4. Topics on this community can be varied; share with us anything you desire, with the exception that it must be newsworthy and pleasant.
5. You should try to remain polite, friendly and respectable to your fellow community members at all times.
6. A well-mannered debate is more than welcome.
7. Don’t be shy; we want to hear from you! :D
8. BUT, be nice! Or leave ;)

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